Wednesday, May 18, 2011


“To me, ‘independent’ means staying independent from your work being dictated to, or formed by, some concept of a marketplace…’Independent’ means being artistically free.”

- Jim Jarmusch

Here’s an interesting premise of a middle aged ‘don’t disturb, leave me alone’ type of single man. He prefers remain idle at home- watching B&W classics on TV, listening music and barge on neighborhood family during the day to get a readymade cup of coffee, dinner and cigarettes. He gets a strange surprise of his life…it’s very personal, it’s mystery and it’s question of immediate attention need to be solved. So one fine morning there arrives a type written letter from one of his multiple girlfriends 20 years ago. The letter reveals the most personal truth of his life that he’s the father of her 19 years old son. The mysterious letter is left with no address and no name of sender. His detective fiction crazy neighborhood buddy insists him to make a list of her ex girlfriends and next he comes with all the addresses and a strategic plan and the schedule of trip. Don is supposed to visit his ex girlfriends’ homes with pink flowers. So starts the journey to rewitness his romances and dames and search for clues to unravel mystery of his hypothetical son!

Like many of his performances Bill Murray is simply irreplaceable here. Here is another example of his natural and effortless act; an interesting and pensive character study of mid age single who’s symbolic Don Juan of Lord Byron. His ex dames are played by Sharon Stone, Jessica Lange, Tilda Swinton and Julie Delpy along with several other young chicks to grab attention!

It’s Slow, moody, queer, light and surprisingly funny at times. Jarmusch fans may find his trademark nonchalant approach and collage work where thin plot pushes the film to exploit his artistic expressions. His signature touch of road movie accompanied by fine background score; an integral part of Jarmusch films. His observation of American salad bowl American culture expressed in profession and lives of his various ex girlfriends.


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