Sunday, May 1, 2011


Miyazaki’s light hearted animation of his early career where plot, characters are less complex than his later ones. Its world where as soon as young witch turned 13, she's supposed to leave her home for training in a different city on full moon night. So a cute teenage girl named Kiki turned 13 and begins her first exciting flying trip to city on her magic broomstick accompanied by a black cat named jiji. Soon she started working in bakery as delivery girl providing air courier service. There’s no complex or bad characters instead they’re all human and helping Kiki when in distress, its simple plot where a loving Shojo growing to be a mature and confident girl. It’s only rain and wind that become impediment for sweet Kiki’s flying service until she lost her power all of sudden. Like any of art, magic too needs its original natural imagination to get flying wings, you know!

After seeing many of Miyazaki films so far I must say that his films remain so free from parental obligation. For teenage Kiki it’s break free journey where she explores metaphors of growing up. Thanks Disney for backing up this animation auteur, so that animation lovers of all over the world able to get the wonderfully dubbed English versions of most of his films. It’s my sixth Miyazaki film and I must say it’s so cute and universal in appeal to all ages. Animation never seems so dear, so warm and so touching as Miyazaki films. If Disney is regarded as the father of animation, Miyazaki is the man who gave different height to animation surpassing many and inspiring many. I wonder what would be my escape option for fantasy once I’ll finish watching all Miyazaki films!


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