Sunday, May 8, 2011


‘If you chase something to get something, something else will come chasing you. Life is about chasing and being chased. There is no escape.’

A map of treasure and three men’s hunt for it. Include bounty hunters, bandits and Japanese army into this exciting chase journey. Set on Manchurian landscape, Director Kim Jee Woon’s this oriental western is high on testosterone for its rollicking action and absolutely awesome entertainer. Not only in its title but in execution too, one may notice his homage to Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western starring Clint Eastwood. It’s stylish and has mixed flavor of east- west action; so along with guns and exciting train action sequence it has machineguns and tanks to knives for finger chopping jobs. Along with horse chase it has motorcycle and jeep chase too. And along with ongoing action it has equal moments of fun too.

This is my third Kim Jee Won film and without doubts it’s the most entertaining one of his career. I must say that he’s fine versatile Korean filmmaker to look forward. His films not remained confined to single genre or characteristics like many of his contemporary Korean filmmakers; rather he proved his mettle on various genres. His films have pitch perfect editing, brilliant camera work and unique style of it’s own. It won’t let you down from the beginning to end. Byung Hun is an inseparable part of Woon films but the most fun part comes from the weird.

Its guaranteed entertainment for anytime… Go catch it.



Luv said...

"oriental western" - why did I not think of that term??

Great fun watching them.

Must recommend Let the Bullets Fly (not as good as Jiang's other work, but...) and Peace Hotel - some of the best adaptations of westerns by the east - alongside The Good The Bad The Weird.

HIREN DAVE said...

'oriental western'- one of the film's poster used that term. Will surely look forward to your suggestions...thanks for posting.