Monday, August 1, 2011

CASTAWAY ON THE MOON (Korean) (2009)

Though having improbable plot, slow pace and complex characters, here’s light, funny and intense film; a kind of allegory on mundane compartmentalized life in a city queerly connecting with plausible romance. A frustrated working class young man tries to commit suicide under debt. He jumps into the river and (un)fortunately ends up surviving on drifted life on small island where he can witness the city but not vice versa. Undoubtedly there’s quite a similarity between this and one of Tom Hanks most popular film ‘Cast Away’! But here is another protagonist living voluntarily chosen secluded life in her apartment home adjacent to river. She loves watching the moon at night and accidentally found that alien like survivor. Her voyeuristic tendencies gradually drive her to come out of her self-imposed confinement to the threatening world outside.
Though it has quite contrived ending, the narration and intention of director is so positive and promising, it has moments of irony crossing with intense and sublime emotions. It’s quite refreshing to witness film like this from Korean cinema where most of the modern films are preoccupied with crime, vengeance and bloodshed.

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