Thursday, August 18, 2011


Dario Argento’s ‘Phenomenon’ a.k.a. 'Creepers' begins with his trademark haunting background sound and atmospheric setting of natural landscape, waterfall, a girl who missed the bus and murder. Cut and we see an entomologist studying the patterns of insects leading to the homicide investigation with the help of his pet chimp. Cut and a teenage girl with unusual power to communicate with insects adjusting in a hostel room with a partner. Next is nightmare, sleep walking, and personality disorder that leading to the mystery of psychopathic killer who conserves the body parts of his victims.
Using insects and larvae as props of degenerative horror, Argento combined the elements of fantasy and paranormal stuff to present his trademark horror. It reminds me of De Palma’s underrated supernatural teen horror film ‘Carrie’. The climax is absolutely bizarre show…the revealing face of deceased boy standing in a corner, the pool of degenerated larvae and body parts, the flies and the bloodshed. It’s just awesome and the kind that we expect from Argento; however what is annoying is the use of loud heavy metal sound with vocals in certain scenes. It’s second film of young Jennifer Connelly and it’s quite a thing to know from trivia that a part of her finger bitten up by chimp in the final scene at the end of the film, soon she ws rushed to the hospital to re-attach the finger. Recommended one for all horror/thriller lovers.

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