Thursday, August 11, 2011

JULIA’S EYES (Spanish) (2010)

The suicide attempt of a blind woman turns out as murder. Her twin sister along with her husband comes to attend the funeral. Her inclination and investigation to know the reason behind her suicide drags her to queer findings about her sister. She too has faltering vision that slowly turning her towards blindness. As she keeps on her investigation against her husband’s will, she realized that somebody is sneaking on her too.
It’s an engaging and taut mystery thriller with its twists and turns that don’t give much time to think in the first half. The point of view of the blind protagonist kept the element of intrigue intact but unfortunately the film loses its grip in the second half and becomes so predictable and mediocre affair like usual Hollywood potboiler. The revelation of the killer made me think that what made him pushing the drama so long and so far without a reason. Nevertheless it’s an entertaining film and no harm watching once for some of its surprising elements and POV shots.

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