Tuesday, August 2, 2011


‘Everything about you reminds me about you, except you.’
First thing first- after a long long time I laugh out loudly watching these timeless original comedians…who else than Marx Brothers! This one is quite toned down film of their career with interrupting song-dance-music journey as musicals ruled in those days and yet the Brothers delivered a package of fun with their capable best of it’s time. They are stowaways on ship, poking fun to snobbish society of that time- the plot, theme that repeated and improved in their most of the films.
It’s always treat watching the mind-blow chemistry between the legendary trio except the only letdown talent of Zeppo. There are quite memorable scenes that I love to watch time and again. i.e- signing of contract scene between Groucho & Chico or stuffing the room scene. It’s absolutely great writing and brilliant timing and rhythm between them that created unsurpassable magic on screen. Its true classic and nevertheless I’m not much into opera, I just love watching playful piano of Chico and Harpo playing harp. Harpo remains always a man to watch with his trademark silence, horn stick and childish mischievous attitude- an absolutely crackling fun to watch.

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