Thursday, December 22, 2011


There comes a period in every successful superstar’s career when under the intoxication of success and stardom he starts taking things as granted, making wrong choices and silly decisions being over confident, try to do things he is incapable of  that turns his progressive graph downward. The evergreen star started losing his charm with this debacle under his own banner and direction with this film and than he never turned back and continued his downfall journey to the limit that his films not sold tickets of even his opening first show. And yet he kept making cinema, if for nobody than for himself! 

After his second directorial venture and success of ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’, Dev Anand took the control of whole production and filmmaking in his own hands and started writing, directing, producing and acting altogether and ended up scoring zilch in all of the departments. Perhaps he made this film partly to keep his discovered muse closer to him and partly to project his self proclaimed Narcissist image on screen. With absolutely pathetic script, loud overact, odd chemistry with his aged look, the audience started rejecting their admirable star after this film. The film is drab purposeless affair on screen and Dev indulged more in showing skin of Zeenie baby. He’s playing international photo journalist who is interested taking snaps of bikini babes, driving his ridiculous car painted with names of all metro cities of the globe. 

Unfortunately the film fell short on many departments including the acting by the cast. Except Kishore-Lata’s classic duet ‘Bahut Door Mujhe Chale Jaana Hai’ even R D Burman’s  score for the film is too ordinary for banner like Navketan. What a debacle and yet Dev made another bigger box office disaster in company of his Zeenie baby titled ‘Ishq Ishq Ishq’. Both the movie and Dev’s possessive infatuation with Zeenat turned flop soon after its release. The rest is the fading glory of Dev and his once upon a time shining banner that gave not only box office hits but memorable films to Hindi cinema. 

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