Monday, December 26, 2011


‘If a man is a man, he needs someone to believe in.’

They said that he could draw his gun three times before the other fellow even starts reaching his own in holster. Everybody knows about Jack Beauregard; the greatest gunslinger and the only hope of law and order in the west but his staunch admirer cum follower young man knows more than anybody else. He dreams of letting him face the wild bunch of 150 sons of bitches on horsebacks!

From almost silent and tense filled opening in saloon shots to awesome climax action where one man facing the group of 150 horsemen on railway track leading to surprising twist  this is a kind of spaghetti western demands to be watched on big wide screen. The film was of seed of Producer and Master Sergio Leone, materialized on screen by director Tonino Valerii. The film has fine repeat value as it combines action, comedy and fun running on screen in equal proportions making it perfect entertainment for any age. The camaraderie between two unlikely men different in age, mood and attitude is the worth watching chemistry between legendary Henry Fonda and young Terence Hill. Needless to say it has brilliant camerawork capturing fine panoramic wide shots and slow motion action shots. Maestro Ennio Morricone’s background much resembles to his immortal score for Leone films.

Absolutely entertaining and a must watch for any Western fan.


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