Monday, December 5, 2011


I seriously wonder is it the film made by same Sudhir Mishra who made films like ‘Dharavi’ and ‘Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi’? Perhaps this is the most pathetic film he ever ended up making. The film is a crime and drama of one night which opens quite well with an interesting premise and than it jumps to straight nosedive with crappy script, directionless and loud act show. The characters of Nirmal Pandey, Tara Deshpande and Smriti Mishra are so flat that they look more like objects than human; even otherwise good actors like Aashish Vidyarthi and Saurabh Shukla are also seems so loud and over the top in act. In fact all the characters here do not talk…they just shout to their highest decibel possible.

Mishra’s preoccupation with theme of street crime in Metro is visible here (undoubtedly Scorsese influence) and his recent two films reflected that too. Here he tried to blend two different tracks of plot; where he handled the internal gangster trouble part quite well initially and messed up for the remaining part  but pathetically odd is the second and almost undeveloped drama of stretched extra marital affair between a long hair flat face hulk and his two nagging dames. The characters are so flat and bore that you altogether don’t care damn about them within few minutes. Add to that poor editing, tedious continuity of chase and messy situational tension, unnecessarily pushed songs that makes the film almost unbearable towards the end. The twist in the end is quite predictable one for the audience who get enough space and time finding loopholes.


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