Monday, December 12, 2011

IN TIME (2011)

This is kind of sci-fi thriller which results from miscarriage of a brilliant idea with poor screenplay and pathetic direction and execution. It has a fine and unique concept from which one can make brilliant and entertaining sci-fi thriller if scripted well or treated better. It begins with showing us the futuristic world where time is currency, time is mode of payment and time is what human beings are running for when one grows 25 years old. There’s no aging post 25 and so mother, daughter, son or grandson seems just 25 years old but only rich are fortunate enough to see the second and third generation. A protagonist running short of time saves the life of a stranger who has more than century of time on his sleeve (ya, Hollywood shows your time balance account in electronic digits on sleeve) Soon the stranger transfers his time to sleeping protagonist and commits suicide. The timekeeper (the vigilante cop who’s managing time in the world) is now hunting for the protagonist to get the time back.

Now everything seems fine and entertaining upto this juncture in the film. What we see next is Hollywood’s routine chase and run thrill then onwards where there is no conflict and no intrigue, even thrill and tension is terribly missing as the film is absolutely tilted one way to the hero and heroine who’re able to outsmart others anywhere anytime, they’re distant cousins of Robinhood stealing time from rich and distributing to poor, the rest is all mindless mediocre action from Hollywood Inc. I don’t care damn about Justin Timberlake or Amanda Seyfried  but what a waste of promising actor like Cilian Murphy!

Quite a disappointment!


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