Tuesday, September 10, 2013


There’s always something authentic concealed in every forgery. 

An art expert, his secluded private corner of collection, an enigmatic young woman, her antique inheritance, a mechanical automaton, a strange relationship & tragedy. This interesting latest offering by Tornatore is surely has engaging build up of art, romance & mystery. Though there’s nothing new or extraordinary about plot and though it become emotionally manipulative towards the end (like most of Tornatore), it didn’t fail to serve the beauty, art & tragedy of life in general. The film absolutely deserves better ending  and by ‘better’ I don’t mean happy one but something striking or beautiful that give us lingering after taste and it’s something that Tornatore is capable of. 

Taking the whole film on his shoulder, Geoffery Rush gave another brilliant performance in his shining active career. He plays here an expert man of art living with the rare and most beautiful Master portraits of women still devoid a company of single woman in his life. The man, who perfectly knows forgery in art, fails to recognize one in personal case. The plot becomes predictable & cliché even though coiled under element of mystery but at the same time it shows talent of an actor who pulled it so brilliantly till that very last frame and still made you insatiable. Ennio Morricone is still active and he can still gave the cinema an evocative score. Recommended watch, if not for Tornatore than surely for Geoffery Rush. 

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