Monday, June 21, 2010

7G RAINBOW COLONY (Tamil) (2004)

When most of the love stories ended sadly in commercial films they didn’t convey in the end a subtle positive message of love and its endurance in life. Tamil cinema’s happening new breed of director Selvaraghvan took a common love story to a different height with his refreshing execution and narration as convincing natural as possible. Here love transformed colony’s good for nothing young man into a nice human being. Though he lost in accident the dearest person of his life on the day he achieved; he not only saves the grace of her beloved for her parents permanently but also learns to accept the life with a place for his beloved in heart. He keeps watching her imaginary divine presence and embrace life with her fond memory. It made anybody speechless to know that it’s based on true affair.

On surface 7 G looks like a routine crush between a good for nothing young boy of lower middle class family and a newly arrived girl in colony. It has all commercial ingredients of romance, comedy, songs and emotional drama but at the same time having natural and lifelike treatment of story telling, portrayal of characters with which you connect without any extra effort and simple and touching narration of any small town young boy’s first crush makes it a refreshing experience.

The lead pair Ravi Krishna and Sonia Agarwal are amateur actors and have huge difference between them in characterization from looks to nature, though the director managed to get refreshing chemistry with fine intimate moments from both. Few romantic scenes and lines will linger in memory for any youth who’s having a girlfriend or desiring one. I just love the character of Lakshami played so wonderfully by Suman Setty. He’s inseparable part of the film even though he’s used as hero’s sidekick. The scene on terrace with alarm clock is so naturally hilarious one that for the moment we forget to pay attention to the lovers who’re meeting personally for the first time.

Its length of three hours which is the biggest drawback of the film; making it quite epical to watch! Had it been trimmed and edited better and abstained few unnecessary stuffed songs or repetitive scenes it would be more delightful.


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Luv said...

I remember when the film was released, about every other person recommended it to me. IT was a wonderful experience.