Monday, June 14, 2010


Sigmund Freud’s ‘Question on Lay Analysis’ is wonderful starter for any lay man to know the basics of Psycho Analysis. Freud carried the whole essay’s theory in a very interesting manner in a lively conversation between a lay patient and a psycho analyst (himself) and having read that just few months ago I must say that Hitchcock’s ‘Spellbound’ is inspired quite heavily from the focal points depicted in the essay in this film. Psychoanalysis and reading minds remained directly and indirectly the main theme throughout this film.

Hitchcock highlighted the subconscious in the major part, subordinating the routine mystery-suspense element and that’s the reason why its lesser favorite one compared to his other master works. Though one can watch it for sheer chemistry between wonderful Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck. Ingrid looks so angelic and plays a character of skeptical and rational psychiatrist here; one of the intelligent female characters in Hitchcock film and Peck is delusional amnesiac patient pretending as Dr Edwards. Another highlight of the film is the surreal dream sequence designed by Salvador Dali.

Watch it if you’re interested in subconscious drama and romance better than usual Hitchcockian mystery.


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Luv said...

Good God!! Bergman and Peck together!! On my must watch list now, will catch ASAP