Sunday, June 27, 2010


“I often thought that the gangster and the artist are the same in the eyes of masses. They are admired and hero worshipped but there is always present others to see them destroyed at the peak of their growth.”

After making some of the innovative short films and ‘Killer’s Kiss’ (a mere one hour film) this is first full length motion picture of Master Stanley Kubrick introducing the flashes of his pool of talents. The plot, characters and execution is quite noirish; as it was the age of some of the finest film noire of all-time. A perfect plan and jobs all set up to make a history to rob racetrack office and cut million dollars in partnership between few desperate men for money until one of the teammate did the stupid mistake revealing her bitch like wife.

It’s not great plot but Kubrick’s way of narration makes it interesting and arresting watch. He told the story from multiple characters’ perspectives, quite hot thing in today’s Hollywood. Black & White cinematography is classic one and Editing is taut and gritty not giving us much time to predict what happens next. Tension keeps rolling all over in the brilliant climax where we noticed how Johnny and his punters handled the given tasks when fate is not favoring them. The oversized bag loaded with loot money at airport is another twist, though today’s smart audience predicts its end. Sterling Hayden is just brilliant as Johnny, another fine reason to watch.

Worth to watch for all Kubrick fans.


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