Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GUNA (Tamil) (1991)

The fine sentimental drama and stepping stone of Kamal Haasan’s career as a brilliant actor. From the very initial scene Kamal absorbs us in the character of a man named Guna; people call him mentally instable but he’s exceptionally good man at heart living in a selfish world. He has only one aim of life- to get marry with his imaginary beloved Abirami on a full moon night. Watch him in the beginning scene where he’s encircling in a room and showing his inner frenzy of thoughts about Abirami to Doctor and it made us so eager to know about her role in his life or the ending part where he’s holding her dead body and yelling like neurotic. It’s an absolutely brilliant method act by this inimitable jewel of South India; which won him another Award for Best Actor so deservingly. Though he played an obsessive lover there’s shades of some lighter moments too.

There are certain things quite improbable and filmy but it’s well conceived story and direction by Santhana Bharathi and indeed a fine emotional drama that push the film forward progressively with natural acts of most of the cast. The film has fine supporting act by Roshni, Rekha, Girish Karnad, Janagaraaj and SP Balasubramaniam. Maestro Illaiyaraja’s has given a fine score in all tracks including a wonderful lullaby. He is matchless in all his lullaby compositions; the melody is impeccable in tune itself!

Compulsory watch for any Kamal Haasan fan.



Luv said...

One of my faves. 10/10.

Needs to be watched atleast thrice to be fully comprehended. High art with lots of symbolism.

Luv said...

forgot to say, it is based on Abhirami Anthadhi - among the greatest devotional work of Tamil literature.

HIREN DAVE said...

thnx for comments.I have read on IMDB that the movie was based on one of Almodavar's filmbut ur saying is different. Anyway i rely more on your opinion.

Kamal is gem of actor...brought few of his classics from my south trip recently. Mahanadi, Thevar Magan, 16 vayadhinile, Michael madhana Kamarajan, singara Vaelan etc. but hunting desperately for engluish subtitles...plz lemme know if you any site where i can get the files...

Vikram said...

It's also based on Pedro Almodovar's Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

nanda said...

didnt know it was based on 2 sources.
pleasantly surprised that u dont know tamil. great job!

hope u havent missed Anbe Sivam of kamal.