Friday, June 18, 2010

[REC] (Spanish) (2007)

Compared to Hollywood’s zombie films loaded with makeup and special effects, this is classic example of lower budget higher execution of intriguing horror that scare you more intensely. Shot completely from handheld camera like ‘Blair Witch Project’ and recent ‘Paranormal Activity’, it’s another brilliantly made horror where shaky camera becomes the auteur of the film. The plot is like watching an episode of mini TV series for an hour- A young reporter with her cameraman visits a local fire station where an alarming call leads the crew to a situation fixed in an apartment. More than the plot, its treatment of concept full of chaos and claustrophobia rules in the film to give you edge on the seat unpredictable experience. Few scenes and sound are really nerve biting ones.

One of the finest horror of the decade; must watch for scary movie sucker.


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Luv said...

The fastest Zombies I have ever seen :) :D