Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AAKROSH (2010)

Disappointed to see Priyadarshan’s take on honor killing; he stuffed the package with ingredients of routine bollywood with a single case lacking any insightful look or justification of honor killing and caste discrimination. As film ends we also forget the fiction just like reading everyday newspaper stories of honor killing. Watching this I wonder is he the same Priyam who gave us some of the finest Indian films of our time like ‘Kanchivaram’, ‘Gardish’ or ‘Virasat’. He explored the theme and subject so brilliantly in his last award winning ‘Kanchivaram’ but here everything is too shallow and gimmicky. The film has nothing new to offer except showing you violence of hinterland Bihar where two appointed officers doing their duties against all odds finally decided to offer their own sense of justice.

The film is too shoddy in editing and screenplay, lacking grip terribly. Characters and performances are too cardboard types except Devgan who maintained his usual intense screen presence. Over all the film becomes too dark and heavy predictable affair unsuccessfully trying to make you busy with chase and action sequences all around. For those who seriously wanted to see the film that did tremendous justice showing the dark reality of caste discrimination and its victimization of underprivileged people of Northern states, I recommend Naseer-Shabana starrer ‘Paar’ made by Gautam Ghosh.


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