Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This simple low budget film did surprise wonder at Oscar winning not only 4 academy awards but also snatching Best picture trophy among two terrific deserving rivals ‘Dead Poets Society’ and ‘My left Foot’ excluding shockingly ‘Do the Right Thing’ in nomination. It’s all simple and light hearted film showing the strange relationship between a self-made, stubborn Jewish old lady and a newly hired black chauffer who can’t read. How relationship slowly grows between two souls from hate to love and liking of each others company in a period of 25 years. It also shows the period of 50s to 60s social where black worked in kitchen and doing household chores in rich suburban neighborhoods of States also getting up to University being faculty.

As a jolly good simpleton Morgan Freeman’s talent got noticed by Hollywood through this film. He carried his character with all his natural ease, though his looks and appearance reminds me of Watanabe in Kurosawa’s ‘Ikiru’. Fine chemistry between him and Jessica Tandy makes it a delightful feel good film to serve anytime. Though nomination and fine act, Morgan lost the Best actor trophy to more deserving Daniel Day Lewis for ‘My left Foot’. Director Bruce Beresford carried all sublime and subtle moments of strange chemistry growing in each others company transcending their differences. What’s more wonderful to notice is there’s not a moment of sadness in entire film. Hoke serving spoon to above ninety Daisy is a moment to wet your eye for sure!


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