Wednesday, November 17, 2010


One of the most pathetic and the worst film ever made by the man who made ‘The Godfather’ series. It begins with an interesting premise- an aged scholar professor stuck by the lightening burned over all his body survived and slowly turned to his youth. He turns out to be a man of profound knowledge but also forms a new second personality. Bless comes with curse too! Till this point the film has bearable plot.

Then all of sudden all sorts of paranoia and romance starts fluttering with plot and story roaming freely like a stray dog. We are headed to double personality, oriental philosophy gyaan of transmigrating soul with a paranormal beloved speaking all sorts of dead/prehistoric languages from Sanskrit to Egyptian with horrible pronunciation to let this scholar complete his unfinished research about origins of language. What sort of pointless crap is this? Coppola kept going on messing the film with dead pan pace failing to make any sort of cinematic connection with plot, characters or drama. Tim Roth just sucks and what an utter waste of brilliant actor like Bruno Ganz?

It’s unbearable experience for me to sum up it all.


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