Sunday, November 14, 2010


“True inspiration is impossible to fake.”

Can we incept an alien idea to human mind through consciousness? Sooner the subject’s mind can always trace the genesis of that idea. But what if somebody navigates one’s mind and plants it through dark subconscious of dream? What if that idea can threaten the reality? Is inception so full proof? Sorry sir, we’re humans and though potential of human mind is just infinite, we’ve our own limitations.

The first fifteen minutes into the film and you’re lost in mazelike disorientation where dream and reality submerged like a challenging riddle; instantly giving you the clue that what you’re going to watch for next two hours around is all stimulating mind bending exercise. Inception is one hell of original and impressive material with its clever construction perhaps too complicated and challenging to comprehend fully in a single viewing for any normal viewer. While making it too intriguing and complex, it’s master architect (writer-director) Christopher Nolan has terribly deducted relaxation charm for the audience who generally used to watch the movie as it comes in narration and story telling or giving us space to emotionally connect to any of characters; instead one has to be so focused and alert to fathom it’s labyrinthine script somersaulting our brain even in the last frame.

The plot is all sci-fi where advance technology making the human enables to enter the mind of the subject through dream to steal the idea or plant the new one. And here comes our protagonist who’s professional extractor suffering from his own ghost of memories about his wife that puts his task in jeopardy. A corporate conglomerate hires him to plant an idea to topple his rival’s empire and in return he offers him an impossible reality erasing his fugitive identity. Incepting idea is no easy task and so he gathered the team consists of a dream architect, a forger, a chemist and a point man getting ready for the subconscious heist. Do I carry on this futile explanation any further?

I’ve read somewhere that over-explaining the plot is just bad script writing. But hey it’s Nolan where script-screenplay and presentation remain the big reason which makes his films an event in itself. We don’t easily forget films like ‘Memento’, ‘The Prestige’, or ‘The Dark Knight’. Here too, he skillfully kept us all hooked to solve the entanglement of a dream within a dream, dream within a reality and reality within a dream and at the same time moving forward with on going chase, action, visual effects packaged thrilling entertainment on the platter and we’re in a great limbo surrendering ourselves to his projections on screen. His mastery of direction, story telling and editing is so gripping and convincing that we don’t have a moment to think contradictory amid all sorts of twists and turns juggling around multiple dream layers moving back and forth.

Making and scripting this phenomenon film demands years of perseverance and post production work and Nolan was conceiving, researching and penning this idea for last ten years to Warner Bros. studio as he revealed after the movie released. Undoubtedly he’s master forger and knows what to steal in what amount from many paragon cinematic moments. But at the same time it’s no exaggeration saying that ‘Memento’(released in 2000) was a warm up practice for Nolan and after seeing this (in 2010) I’m so eager to know what comes next from Nolan’s mind (maybe 2020), hope he’ll give us clue guide to understand his film in single viewing.

Like almost all Nolan films, the film is absolutely topnotch in all technical divisions. Whether its production design, editing, background score by Hans Zimmer or Wally Pfister’s stunning and hypnotic cinematography. I haven’t seen ‘The Social Network’ yet, the film made by another equally brilliant filmmaker David Fincher but I’m sure both these films will lock horns at all awards ceremony in coming time. Seems like its ‘mind’ and ‘idea’ that rule Hollywood this year.

Truly a unique mind-bending exercise of this decade that boils up many plausible and implausible interpretations hard to resist.



Bhavesh said...

How can you always write so beautifully.

Luv said...

I loved the movie!
Great write-up!!

Check out what little I had written as well:

abhishek said...

I was going to give u a knock, as the dvdrip was available. Frankly
speaking i was eagerly waiting for ur review. U know what, the movie
has so many layers, that i am expecting a review 2 from ur end.
Indeed, this was a unique movie, which i stil cant believe that
someone can concieve and deliver that on screen with such oozing
brilliance. I have already seen on 2 back to back saturdays n have
spend more than normal on it.and i dont regret it. I seldom buy a dvd,
but this i would like to preserve. i am so much into it that the
soundtrack by legendry singer edith piaf used in the movie is my
ringtone. :-)
And yeah, i dnt remeber when was the laast time i witnessed such amout
of discussion about a movie on the internet. Its still abuzz, just
type inception ending in google and ur 2-3 hrs will be gone reading
those brilliant analysis.
Well, u have said almost evrything in ur review, i only wanna add,
'welcome to the fanclub'

HIREN DAVE said...

Thx for the response...this time i'm expecting one from urside. Unfortunately film didn't release in my town at thye time of release and so i'm so desperate to get its final dvd rip which i managed to got after long. I rate Nolan's INCEPTION higher than AVATAR the last years's almighty.

As u said, I've spent more than several hours reading the analysis and interpretations abt Inception which i avoided prior to watching the film and all of them have something original to add into film' s ,ultidimensional theme. Inception's original DVD will hit the stores in mid December and yep by all means it's must to possess, i'm too eager to watch it with Nolan's directorial commentary.