Monday, January 17, 2011

AIRPLANE! (1980)

‘Alright everybody now get in crash positions.’

AFI declared it ‘one of the top ten funniest movies ever made’ and as per the latest IMDB updates they’re going to re-release the film in theatres after thirty years. The film is undoubtedly big spoof and lampoon on air disaster flicks with loads of unexpected crack pot and screwball humor to entertain audience of all class nevertheless most of it comes from hyperbole. The life of everyone on board of the Trans American flight depends upon just one thing- finding someone who not only can fly this plane but who didn’t have fish for dinner!

It’s all madcap ride to pilot less flight, airport runs frenzy, ill passengers, and amid all this reigniting the romance between stewardess Elaine (Julie Hagerty) and crack flight pilot Ted Striker (Robert Havs) who left flying plane years ago. There are many goofy fun moments from beginning to end and I’m sure anyone will laugh out loudly in many of the scenes. My favorites are one where stewardess blowing air into deflated automatic pilot, another where Captain Kramer instructing and boosting confidence to amateur pilot. It’s surprising to see Hitchcock loyal composer Elmer Bernstein scored thrilling background for such a comedy! I’m not a big fan of spoof comedies but I must say I enjoyed watching this one and for that Writer-Director trio Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker definitely deserve two thumbs up for all their madness!


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