Sunday, January 30, 2011


One of signature heist classic from house of Britain that truly stands the test of time even after its remake. The big job is to steal four million worth gold arriving in Italian city of Turin under high security alert, traffic control and surveillance. The big obstacle between the plan and execution is not only Italian cops and security system but Italian Mafias too who sniffed the operation. The men to watch here are Michael Caine as clever con Charlie Croker and his unruly partners along with Noel Coward as criminal mastermind Bridger.

The film is even today regarded as remarkable for showing some of the classic super cars of that era in breathtaking backdrop. Watch the spectacular opening of the film showing that red Lamborghini Miura rolling on hilly turns, a classy and one of the best looking super car ever made; unfortunately it didn't get that much screen time. But then it has Aston Martins and above all the real stars of the film-those three Mini Coopers (representing tri-colors of union jack) worked for heist execution and an exciting chase sequence ever filmed. From stairs to rooftops and flyovers to canals and from streets to underground sewage tunnels to hilly hair pin bends it makes one of the engrossing thrilling experience till the last cliffhanging frame.

Douglas Slocombe’s cinematography is absolutely stunning showing spellbinding Italian locations you have ever seen and I highly recommend you to catch its blu ray rip version to enjoy the clarity of striking colors. Worth to mention Quincy Jones’ score including the classy opening single ‘On days like these’ sung by Matt Monro. Director Peter Collinson absolutely deserves two thumbs up for making Britain’s one of the most popular cinema of all-time.

I would love to call it ‘classic entertainer’ from the opening title to closing one.


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