Sunday, January 9, 2011


Not as impressive as I expected. Writer-director Rajkumar Gupta’a attempt to tell the high profile Jessica murder case is more twisted fiction than fact and a melodramatic affair concocted with Kashyap inspired bold touch. The hero/heroine of the film is media reporter who throughout the first half got busy updating our news history of Pokharan nuclear test, Kargil war and hijacked plane and deliberately avoiding Jessica case. And we see the victim’s poor sister running pillars to post for justice in the hostile world. Meanwhile we witness the death of her mother and the news even put her father on hospital bed. Post interval session is all over to smart ass TV reporter and the savior for Sabrina, the sister of Jessica who had given up all hope for denied justice.Vidya Balan is utterly wasted with playing too much underplay. Forget her, this is the film made for bold and beautiful reporter played by Rani Mukerjee who throws slangs, smoke cigarettes and trying sex with her boss-boyfriend and even gave firing speech that invoke not only frustrated Sabrina but the whole nation. With sharing million text messages on cell phones and pushing news coverage by the superwoman reporter, Jessica case ultimately got its long due justice. Is it the real Jessica justice story or the media pampering story or the film about Delhi’s ugly nexus between crime and power? I’ve no idea.

The major flaw of the film is its crumbling screenplay, dull editing and unjustifiable portrayal of lead characters. There’re many who’ll appreciate Rani’s this bold approach but for me it all seems screen gimmicks to push her character. She’s impressive and bold but at the same time quite loud and larger than life news reporter who shows her aggressive attitude playing bitch reporter on one hand and still you find her in all glamour avatar. For me the only appreciative part of the film comes from relatively unknown cast and they all look so real and authentic. The most impressive one is Rajesh Sharma playing the inspector. Watch it if you want to see the replacing face of woman on Indian screen with spark of Rani. It's more about her than Jessica!



Luv said...

A very well-written review. Cant say the same abt the film though. high melodrama pushes the film away from reality.

Here I was expecting something like Black Friday :(

HIREN DAVE said...

Well promos of the film seem so interesting, unfortunately film didn't turn up same way. Many of my friends like it but I've a different opinion.Well film is a subjective experience, isn't it? Watch and decide on your own whether you agree or disagree with this review.

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