Friday, January 28, 2011


Finally a film of the year that touches your heart without any extra effort-no screen gimmicks, no out of the box plot or theme but just a plain and simple film about making and breaking of a lovers turned into a married couple. Seven years ago they fell in love at first sight and so desperate about each other. He is working class man in a firm of movers and packers and later working as a house painter; she was student then, now a nurse. And after all these years all they need is a little spark on the verge of break up. On surface they’re living together, working their own way and trying to mend the chasm between their relationships with the presence of a sweet daughter.

We know it well what went wrong to an average love story post marriage-after several years of marriage, the initial attraction starts evaporating and romance-fantasy starting to fade and then comes moments which revealed the undesirable other side so often and that’s make one think that is he/she the person I chose to be my soul mate for rest of my life? How do you trust your feelings when you feel them disappear? The scene to watch here is how drunken irresponsible hubby in rage messed up the drama at hospital which is moment enough for honey to say-‘I’m done, I’m so out of love with you… I can’t take this shit anymore.’ Later we see the hubby begging her to save broken nest-‘I don’t know what to do…tell me what to do, tell me how I should be, Just tell me…I’ll do it.’ But it’s too late now. I know this all seems hackneyed domestic drama but believe me it’s still refreshing love story.

What’s make this average domestic drama a compulsory watch of the year is natural performances of both characters played by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. What’s more wonderful is that we relate them without any extra effort. At the end we do feel sorry for both of the lovers and an unfortunate daughter who’s all daddy’s girl. Director Derek Cianfrance finely balanced the drama in glimpses juxtaposed between flashback and presence.

Watch it for brilliant performances of Gosling & Williams and I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Ratings- 7.5/10

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