Sunday, January 9, 2011


‘Do you suppose I can buy back my introduction to you?’

Does Marx Brothers need any introduction for classic comedy fans! Full of gags and brilliant one-liners this is absolutely hilarious rollercoaster ride all over to wonderful company of Marx Brothers. Though its third full length film of Marx Brothers, it’s their first film written originally for screen unlike the earlier two adapted versions of their Broadway shows. MB fully played themselves with all zany, fun filled classic screen moments. It begins with their singing entry scene in barrels playing Stowaways on ship. There’s chase with fun and romance and gangster touch too but hey it’s all as per the world of Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo.

Apart of legendary Groucho, there’s amazing presence of Harpo- the most cantankerous and wild mute you’ve ever seen. He’s my favorite next to Groucho. You’ll laugh out loudly watching him hiding in the puppet show or giving repeated snoops to a fellow’s moustache. There’s amazing presence of Zeppo too, who steals singer Maurice Chavelier’s passport to set up that classic disembarkation scene. I was just wondering about those funny lines written for Grocho and Chico! Are they all come from Groucho’s brain or the screenplay writer? Throughout the film one after another crackling lines pop up which make you laugh out loudly. When released it make record history and established MB as movie stars as rich and famous as any of their peers.

Absolutely classic.


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A wonderfully enjoyable film.