Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5 CENTIMETERS PER SECOND (Japanese) (2007)

What would be the result if the cinematic art of Wong Kar Wai and Hayao Miyazaki reciprocates each other? Here’s an animation that touches you deep with its breathtaking visuals and a poignant shorts about love and distance between innocent teenage lovers that reminds you both of these auteurs. I must say that the Japanese cinema is scaling different heights in animation; the animation here brings the sublime intensity and pangs of unreturned love between lovers which even films with real flesh and blood characters failed to deliver. Whether it’s two souls desperate to meet each other in mundane modern world at railway platform in ‘The chosen cherry Blossoms’ or a girl’s unspoken love to her friend in ‘Cosmonaut’, Director Shinkai Makoto has explored a new vistas of heart and soul in animation.

It has stunning artistic visuals finely abstained from any sort of gimmicks. Just watch how many shades of sky you find within its duration of around an hour. Like many who’ve seen, I would strongly recommend it to watch on BR version to enjoy the clarity. What is really pissed off to manage while watching it is reading those fast changing subtitles with not to miss beautiful images L It would be much better if the film had been dubbed in English for the other non-native audience.


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mikimz said...

I like this anime. So short, yet meaningful. You're right though, I had to watch it twice to catch up with the fast subtitles. Still two-thumbs up for this short film. :)