Friday, April 22, 2011

PONYO (Japanese) (2008)

It’s Miyazaki’s world of water where everything is possible; the man still believes in hand drawn cartoon and believe me it’s as wonderful as light hearted animation as his beloved one ‘My Neighbor Totoro’. Like a small girl Mei in ‘Totoro’, here is 5 years old boy named Sosuke accidentally saves a sweet little gold fish. He named it Ponyo. Ponyo’s father is a freaky wizard of ocean who keeps Ponyo in a bubble and balances the sea from inside. He despises humans as they’re contaminating aquatic world and its wonderful ecology for their own selfish purposes; a common Miyazaki film trait about environmental concern juxtaposed between the world of nature and human. Little Ponyo turned rebel and magically turned into a girl kid and meets the boy again. Her magical powers help the boy to find Sosuke’s lost mother in water dipped town and Sosuke’s real love for Ponyo permanently turned tiny fish to real girl.

No need to say much about Miyazaki’s world of animation, rich in detailing and captivating in visuals proving once again why Japanese sensibilities and creativity of animation overshadowed Hollywood’s big studio products. Its days since I’m watching Miyazaki cinema and believe me I don’t want to return to cinema of reality as long as I can get films like these! J

Recommended to all animation lovers.


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