Thursday, April 7, 2011


‘If you’re somebody who’s nobody, it’s no fun to be around anybody who’s everybody.’

How you see the life? Is it a tragedy that confronts or a comedy that escapes? Well here’s is a group of art aficionados making impromptu discussion about what’s best option to life as the film begins and one of them starts narrating a story while keeping the fingers crossed for the group to decide whether it’s comedy or tragedy! Melinda is a strange woman surprisingly barging as uninvited guest into a dinner party. Before we see further progress of that plot, another man at the table punctures the story and lets us witness the same character and same setting into different direction leading to comedy. The shifting of both these stories continues for the rest of the film and out of that we see some of the routine formulaic mixture of typical Woody Allen cinema bundled with crime, guilt, romance, relations, extra marital affairs, and finest crack jack one-liners; this time from Will Farell trying to get into the skin of the irreplaceable bespectacled genius!

It’s universal truth that one may never regret watching any of Woody films. But what’s so amusing about this film is that on one moment it seems heartbreakingly serious, on another turns into light romantic comedy. It brilliantly blends the contrast between pain of rational and joy of irrational and after watching many of Woody films, I must say that he’s is better and brilliant writer than actor or director and I know that most of Woody admirers do agree with me.


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