Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TANGLED (2010)

Walt Disney pictures’ brought us a fine fairy tale on their 50th animation motion picture. It is a fantasy tale of a princess named Rapunzel gifted with magical long hair you’ve ever seen. She was kidnapped from birth by an evil lady and for 18 years held her to stay in a closed high tower telling her that the outside world is too scary. So to help a damsel in distress comes the dead or alive wanted thief of royal crown named Flynn Rider who first time let her out to embrace freedom. Next is the journey full of beautiful eye candy visuals, romance, action, adventure, and drama what you expect from well made animation. Unfortunately the songs that keep popping up into the story like those old classic animation; don’t sound as sweet and memorable and that’s what makes it quite stretching exercise.

Its fine fantasy and Disney tried to make it just like those fine memorable classics like ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Snow White and Seven dwarfs’. The cute and full of life princess with the golden hair that glows and heals when she sings accompanied by a smart thief and other worth to mention characters like the Chameleon named Pascal, who remained Princess’s silent partner and a sniffing royal Horse named Maximus. Tangled is surely an entertainer that you love to relish if you still want to go back for bedtime story.


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