Monday, April 18, 2011

SPIRITED AWAY (Japanese) (2001)

They call him Japanese Walt Disney but Hayao Miyazaki has time and again proved that he is more than it. The unmatchable visual splendor of almost hand drawn animation and artistic imagination of Miyazaki cinema can’t be outdone even by gigabytes of today’s CGI driven 3D animation of Hollywood. This is my third Miyazaki film so far and I must say with his every new film that I’ve watched, he brought new and unchartered vistas of splendid visuals and unimaginable characters and fantasy world; a sheer proof of his creative depth and brilliant imagination.

Many critics called ‘Spirited Away’ as Miyazaki’s version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and to certain degree I do agree especially in its theme and plot about a girl named Chihiro who along with her parents lost in the world of spirit while searching their way to new home. They land up in a mysterious isolated haunted place where soon her parents turned into pigs and as night casts its spell, she witnessed the world of strange spirits as fantastic as Wonderland. It’s world forbidden for human where she gets help from helping friend Haku. Poor girl has to perform almost unimaginable & multiple tasks to save her parents and helping Haku to find his own identity. But then apart of Lewis Carol’s beloved classic, Miyazaki achieved a great feat of depth and resonance that can woo any audience with its intricately beautiful visuals with his baggage of strange unusual creatures and characters. That multiple hand worker Kamaji or Yubaba and her sorceress sister Zeniba who transforms anything under the spell or that strange masked spirit following Chihiro or paper birds or water train and worth to mention that idiosyncratic bath scene of ugly creature, throughout the film I became a viewer as excited as ten years old child to fathom what will happen next.

So far my favorite Miyazaki film till day. Hail Studio Ghibli J


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