Monday, November 28, 2011

THE DEBT (2010)

After a long time an edge on the seat espionage thriller by Hollywood. Three Mossad agents were on mission to abduct a diabolic Nazi surgeon doctor Vogel in Berlin and bring him to Israel to put him on trial. They managed to kidnap him but things took different turn than onwards. After almost two decades of the mission’s accomplishment, things starts turning different way from where they left the truth. As one agent committed suicide and another on wheelchair, it’s Rachel who has to set things in order. Director John Madden grippingly unfolds the plot and story in past and present and weaves a suspense around it and at the same time maintained the emotional and relationship tension and drama between the trio.

Jessica Chastain is a fine talent and she has similar characteristics of Natalie Portman; both in look and act and she maintained brilliant internal tension of young Rachel with that diabolic and emotionally manipulative devil doctor. Helen Mirren is a kind of actress who’s aging so gracefully with her brilliant acts. Though she is in main lead here, she doesn’t have much screen presence as aged Rachel and yet she maintained her character with all respect. It would be much better if Surgeon Vogel’s heinous crimes were explained in more elaborative way and there would be tenser climax! Nevertheless not a letdown one for any thriller lovers.

Recommended watch.


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