Wednesday, November 9, 2011


One of the essential and beautiful documentary cum musical journey on Blues guitar Maestros made by Martin Scorsese who along with his brilliant cinema also made some of the fine documentaries on legendary artists of music. The film was made for PBS TV; and it’s an absolutely brilliant concert cum tribute by the acclaimed man of blues Eric Clapton paying tributes to all his inspirational great Blues legends like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, B.B. King, Freddie King, Jimmy Rogers, Sonny Boy Williamson, Buck White. Clapton is heavily influenced from the legacy of these black Masters which he mentioned extensively in his autobiographical account also, which I managed to read a year back.

The modern blues and jazz movement started in the streets of Mississippi Delta where the different style of African-American black guitar players coined a subgenre called ‘Delta Blues’ and followed by the cities of Chicago, Memphis and Texas. The film managed to bring all those rare B&W footage with old black Masters of blues. And there is no better man than Clapton to pay tribute; he goes on playing goose bump guitar which is an absolutely mesmerizing experience for any of his fans, the man is something that made guitar proud of! The weeping guitar sounds that made Clapton stands apart of from other contemporary guitar players was all come from his heavily influenced style of three great Masters of Blues guitar- Robert Johnson; undoubtedly the king of that era followed by Muddy Waters and the great modern master B.B.King. He paid tribute here playing ‘Standin’ Round Crying’, ‘Crossroads’, ‘Malted Milk’, ‘Someday after a while’, ‘Reconsider Baby’, ‘Everyday I have the Blues’ and one of my favorite ‘Have you ever loved a woman’ with stunning riffs of personal improvisations that demands standing ovations for bringing the heavenly feel full of soul and passion!

Strongly recommended for all EC fans and for those who’s interested in Men’s music compared to Boys’ ;) 


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