Sunday, November 13, 2011


Sergio Corbucci made some of the finest B genre revenge spaghetti westerns and along with ‘Django’, this is my second Corbucci film which I enjoyed even better than the first one. It’s quite early to say watching just two of Corbucci films but I must say this is perhaps the best of Corbucci! The film stars Jean-Louis Trintignanat as silent stranger who is the fastest gun with a personal vendetta. He is hired hand to avenge justice by a young widow in the godforsaken land of outlaws, bandits and bounty hunters running on killing spree. The other man to watch is cunning and sadistic evil bounty hunter named Loco played brilliantly by Klaus Kinski.  

Quite rare and unusual to western, the setting of the film is snow-clad frozen west land called Snow hill. Ennio Morricone’s haunting distinctive score, Trintignant’s muteness, Kinski’s ruthless evil company, enough action and killings and above all that tension filled cold blooded mayhem and massacre in the climax leading to shocking end…it all works damn well on screen and treat for any western fans. Quentin Tarantino rated it as one of his personal favorite western too.

Highly recommended to all western fans.


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