Thursday, November 10, 2011


Not as shocking and brutal and yet as striking one as other British classic gangster film ‘Get Carter’, ‘The Long Good Friday’ is an absolutely compelling watch for many reasons- John Mackenzie’s topnotch direction, edge on the seat taut editing, intriguing plot, distinctive background score and brilliant performances by almost all lead players.

The film has intriguing and puzzling beginning where lot of things happens unrelated until you witness the lead man Harold facing his volatile time. His ten years calm and unchallenged rule in London gets a threat at the time of his most ambitious business deal. The bomb blasts killing his near and dear ones one after another and there’s no lead available. He’s facing an unknown enemy when he’s trying to be a decent man and that once again opens up his gangster side. Bob Hoskins as Harold is tour de force act and as temperamental helpless casino owner cum mobster shifting to be a businessman he brought both suave and menacing sides of his character on screen. Helen Mirren as his smart young wife, Derek Thompson as Jeff, Eddie Constantine as American businessman and surprising debut cameo of Pierce Brosnan are things to watch.

The abattoir scene, Jeff and Harold’s final scene and the climax at night car race followed by the end where camera just recorded the facial expressions of Bob Hoskins is something I would like to watch again and again.


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