Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RED ROSE (1980)

If you love the nostalgic serenading romance of yesteryear's superstar Kaka aka Rajesh Khanna on screen or not, this one would be quite a surprise treat for you. Abstained from his popular romantic or melodramatic image, here he played unusual and abnormal role of his career as a misogynist man who loves to spare bed with his young dames and than murdering his preys. The film is well made psychological noir by writer, director Bharathi Raaja and it is remake of Tamil film ‘Sigappu Rojakkal’ made by the same director starring Kamal Hassan and Sridevi. Raja has almost treated the film with suspense and thrill. The camera angles, mise en scenes, montages, cutting and editing reminds you Master Hitchcock and the use of fluorescent colors and jarring background score reminds you Argento films.

No other Hindi film as far as my cinema experience is concerned use the brassiere sans woman in the film like this film; it bears Indian censor board’s A certificate. The audience rejected the film at the box office being unhappy to see their idol star in such unsentimental act devoid of his trademark style romantic persona. Though I must say the film is bold and quite a way ahead of its time and undoubtedly Khanna gave one of his restrained act of his career; those who’ve seen both Tamil and Hindi versions praised Khanna’s act better than young Kamal. However Raja didn’t resist temptation to use Khanna’s two musical romantic tracks to give film quite relaxation from tension. The role of Sridevi is played here by Poonam Dhillon supported by actors like Om Shivpuri, Satyendra Kappu, Aruna Irani and Roopesh Kumar.



Luv said...

And it was also remade in Japanese.

HIREN DAVE said...

Really? Surprising :)

Mckenzy McNeal said...

It was even remade in Russian. Sigappu Rojakkal was remade in Japanese as Red Roses (1979) (as Luv stated), in Hindi as Red Rose (1980) (which your post is about), in Russian as Krasnyye Rozy (1980), and in Telugu as Erra Gulabilu (1979), Definitely an achievement.

silent cat said...

Really?!! Cuz all I see are Indian movie blogs & an UNCITED Wikipedia post telling us that there was a remake in Japanese & russian. Funny stuff, considering I searched for these movies in the internet, & there seems to be NO trace of any existence ever of these foreign remakes! If you do find any trace of these movies, please do provide a link, kind folks!