Sunday, June 28, 2009


If you don’t think ‘Pulp Fiction’ is over rated and like to watch Quentin Tarantino-Guy Ritchie kind of tongue in cheek dark humor plus action entertainment than its movie for you. Outrageous dialogues full of black humor, weirdo characters, M TV video kind of cinematography and cheesy plot are some of the watch worthy elements about the film.

Four bunch of guys are stuck in a situation of heavy debt to a dangerous hit man who’s running porn house. In order to come out of this fix, they lead into one problem to another along with parallel running other sub plot.

Indeed it’s revealing for me to know that the director of the film is Guy Pierce, because from its plot and treatment it more seems like Coen Bros. film.
Director Neeraj Vora directly ripped off the whole plot of this film in making ‘Phir Herapheri’. But where Director Guy Pierce has maintained the unpredictable factor of the plot intact with absurd incidents with stylistic trademark, our Hindi film director has made the copy version a horrible farce without using his own mind at all.

No harm in watching once if you haven’t seen it.


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