Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MAUSAM (1975)

What’s better than watching Gulzar saab’s film while witnessing first rainfall of the season. It gives you the same lingering pleasure like the smell of fresh wet earth after the first rain and the feelings this film generates is equally as pleasant as drenching yourself merrily in the rain.

‘Past’ always remains haunting and subtle theme of most of Gulzar films.
After 25 years a successful and aged Dr Gill returns to Darjeeling to have a break from his mundane life. The same place bears his beautiful romantic past and a hidden guilt when he was a medical student here. Time is changed beyond his reach and he has to pay a heavy price in order to fulfill his attempt of repentance.

I’ve never seen such a natural actor as Sanjeev Kumar on Indian screen and his combination with Gulzaar Saab will forever remains in Must watch category for all good film lovers. This is another of his balanced and mature gem performance. Although playing a role of local prostitute Sharmila Tagore kept the grace of her character intact which is surely a learning lesson for all of today’s bollywood damsels.

It’s injustice to the review if I do not mention about the music and songs of this Gulzar film. Generally Pancham suits Gulzar but surprisingly in this film Gulzar saab dropped him and chose Madan Mohan to compose his subtle ghazal sort of lyrics. Even if I say Madan Saab was great composer, the words always fall short because remove his compositions that Lataji has rendered till day and Lataji is without her best. It’s always gives me insatiable feeling listening both the versions of “Dil dhoondhta hai phir wohi fursat ke raat din…” nicely rendered by Bhupinder and a touchstone melody “Ruke Ruke se kadam…” by Lataji.

A film not to miss.

Ratings- 8.5/10

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