Monday, June 22, 2009


CAUTION- The following review is alarm bell not to watch the film titled Crap 2 (sorry ‘Crank 2’). Read the following for the explanation if you want to know why.

Jason Statham is back in his second installment of Chelios. After successful ‘Transporter’ series, the Producers and Director wanted to encash Statham magic with this second ‘Crank’ film. Like any of Jason Statham film, you need not meddle much of your head into anything and have to watch fast pace on going action on screen here too. Call it crass crap or no brainer action films but there are so many die hard fans of Jason Statham all around the globe. But after watching shit pack like this, I’m sure even they can’t digest such a third grade product in the name of high voltage action.

This time Chelios (Statham) is gifted by his enemies with an artificial heart inserted into the body connected with external battery pack outside and he has to keep his body electrically charged to survive. There’s no doubt about his seeking his revenge even in such a pain in ass condition. I must say the first part was a way better product than this sledgehammer on brain.
There’s lot of incessant and unnecessary nudity, derogatory lingo and shitty scenes and trying to fierce but silly looking goons with oddly tattooed or pierced face which gives you the feeling of watching some third grade porn product. What is worse to watch is some of the mindless non sense scenes where Statham penetrating gun into the ass of goon or rubbing himself on an old lady or copulate Amy Smart inside the race course among the live stadium or frequently get himself electrocuted on tongue, a dog biting the cop’s cock, chinky girls banging bicycles on Sumo’s private area, Goons chopping their tits to please their boss etc. etc. I don’t want to describe crap anymore.

Watch it at your own risk. One of the worst seen action film of my life.


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