Sunday, June 21, 2009


Fifty years ago US proudly known for its salad bowl and melting pot culture full of people from different races, countries and cultures. But post 9/11 the situation is different in US water. It’s seriously troubled time where everyone alien to US is under the eye of suspicion. Even today in the time of crisis, everyday immigrants from all around the world lured by dollar dreams land up in States with Student’s or Visitor’s Visa either by legal or illegal trades. They have hopeful visions of better life but have very little notions of what their life may cost.

It’s not just another film showing traumatic aftermath of 9/11; it’s more than that. Director Wayne Kramer’s ‘Crossing Over’ is quality film which raises few pertinent questions of today’s critical time about diverse lot of immigrants in Los Angeles struggling with their citizenship status, work permit and lost identities. It also focuses on the humanitarian role of immigrant enforcement officers do apart of their duty to check the real identities of the people. It’s ignited light of humanity in the critical time which made the film special one.

Film has good ensemble star cast of young and aging actors including Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Jim Sturgess, Alice Eve and Alice Braga. Ford is average in act but the role suits his personality at this ripe age. The last scene leaves the impact shows absolutely mirror image of current time where immigrants returning to their own countries leaving their dreams of naturalization behind at Uncle Sam’s land.

Highly recommended to watch it for various perspectives and Essential for all who’s dreaming US.


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