Saturday, June 20, 2009


No, it’s not fantasy adventure flick, if that’s what you assume from its title.
This film by Charles Martin Smith tells the real story of Scotland, 1950. Four University students led by Ian Hamilton (Charlie Cox) make a dramatic gesture to reawaken Scottish nationalism waning under the weight of Britain’s rule. Despite economical crisis and even less experience, they suavely break into Westminster Abbey in the wee hours of Christmas morning and liberate the most powerful symbol of Scotland’s nationalism- The stone of destiny. Although, they finally captured and the stone taken back to London, their mission ignited enough fire to strengthen Scottish pride and the call of independence.

The film has stunning landscape cinematography depicting sheer beauty of panoramic Scotland. The performance of all the players is naïve but natural and well balanced. The execution of the heist plan against all odds is really handled with interesting and thrilling way. More than anything, its feel good quality of the subject and captivating treatment that makes the film worthy to watch at least once. Because ultimately what they fight for is not for glory, fame, honors or wealth but for sheer nationalism.



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