Thursday, June 18, 2009


I’m back after long tour of North India and confused among all the heap of DVDs lying on my table from a month or so and than I found this fine animation film. I’m impressed by the wonderful imagination world of story writer and Director Henry Selick.

Coraline is a sweet little girl whose parents are busy in their own world and don’t pay much attention to her. So she felt bored and neglected in her newly shifted home. One night the girl discovered a secret magic window leads her to different world. The fantasy becomes her other home with replica button eyed parents fulfilling her every demands. She meets her weird friend Wybie and flexi neighbor Bobinski in this other world too. It becomes routine matter for her to witness this other fantasy home at night and returns to real world in the morning when she wake up. But as the story progress it intrigues you completely as in the case of cute Coraline who lured away by the scheming of other fantasy home. All glitter isn’t gold always.

The blending of graphics and animation is full of innovation and originality and shows pool of creativity and that’s make the film different from all other earlier seen cutie animation flicks.

Recommended to all animation lovers.


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