Sunday, February 21, 2010


“In Asia…I am Jurassic Park, I am ET.” – Jackie Chan

The beauty of watching Jackie Chan movie is that you don’t have to think hard for anything. There’s seriously no plot, no narration. The theme is simple plain vanilla of Good guys Vs Bad guys. But these aren’t things why anybody watches his films. It’s his quick, hyperactive energy on screen that makes him an international icon of Hong Kong cinema. No space of the world is boundary for him but a playground where any object can be a prop to his vulnerable stunts. The timing of his action runs quite parallel to his comic expressions reminding those old slapstick comedies.

Directed and performed by Chan, this film is almost a sequel to his earlier ‘The Young Master’ which was better film IMO. It was a period when he was too young full of raw energy to take any risk to break his bones frequently. The movie was perhaps the last traditional comic kung fu film, after that Chan moved towards Hollywood kind of pulp action cinema.

For me or anyone none of JC film is ‘classic’ but at the same time watching his films gives us enough joy & cinematic pleasure.

Ratings- 6/10

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