Thursday, February 4, 2010

RANN (2010)

Are we watching reality on all those pop up breaking news of News channels on air? Is media creating the news or showing the true face of reality? Under the lure to spin more money and surpass the competitive market of raising TRPs they can go to any extent to dupe the common men. The dirty nexus of media and politicians is again a concerning question when neither of them is interested in serving democracy and use their own power to cheat audience under the flagship of showing reality. All these are debatable issues and it’s a fine subject to treat as movie for mass audience. Does Verma’s new film serve successfully the purpose of the theme? The answer is very dangling one and there’re several reasons for it. Here’s what I observe-

Verma has again ruined a good subject with lifeless screenplay and script full of loopholes. The first half an hour is so abrupt and tedious one that it loses the grip from the very beginning. The other drawback is plethora of ensemble casting and most of them are stuffed unnecessarily. Verma still unable to come out of his ‘Sarkar syndrome’ and most of the film with weird camera angles and sequences reminds us the utter repetition. For Big B it’s completely misfit role and except last ten minutes confession speech, he didn’t have anything to bargain here. Again the personality/superstar aura overshadows the actor/character here. Among all ensemble cast only Mohnish Behl seems slightly impressive.

Even though RGV gave us hammerhead version of ‘Sholay’, he gave us ‘Satya’ too and that’s what keep expecting a quality film from him but politics is certainly not his tenure and there’s only one director who can make hard hitting political thrillers in India. It’s over to Prakash Jha now…seing promos of huge star cast, I expect that he won’t disappoint me like Mr. Verma.

Ratings- 5.5/10


Bhavesh said...

Good one (review not the movie/(read talky)). Even i hated the camera angles and too much attempted underplays. The story was a khidi made of "page-3" and "corporate". The ladies were not at all required in d movie, i don't understand why has he casted Gul panag for a roll which could have been performed by any B,C category actress, ya if the reason was 'geography' of certain areas there were many more cheap alternatives. the character of Rajpal was an exaggaration, Mohnish was impressive, Deshmukh was better in NAACH.

Aditya Tibrewala said...

i liked the story and the performances. Sudeep does a fabulous job and yes the camera angles were annyoning but that is not a reason to put down a movie. My review: