Thursday, February 11, 2010


There was a time when audience keenly awaited for next Jackie Chan film. In my school days I belonged to that generation. That was a time when Hollywood didn’t exploit his natural flair. He’s great and sensational martial art hero in his early years of his career with his quickest movements, agile and flexible body, self done stunts & action covered with various props. Humor is trademark of Chan’s action and there’s lot of fine moments here too. After his debut successful ‘The Fearless Hyena’, this was his second directorial film with some of the classic & great martial arts moments. From beginning lion fight to the classic long climax with the toughest opponent, Chan is just extraordinary. It’s one of his classic martial art films of early career. There are lot of Chan moments which still remind us that why he’s called the greatest and unrivalled martial art master.
Recommended for all JC fans.


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