Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sometime you ended up watching such a bad film that you feel insulted as a viewer. KCK is one of the worst Hindi film I ever seen in a long run. In his debut direction Vijay Lalwani has completely screwed up the promising pair, the film and above all audience’s heads. An intelligent viewer digest the film’s so called suspense in the first strange call to Karhtik. But director wants to confuse the viewers in the first scene so that he can stretch the viewers till the end. Before you guess right along with the dumb lady psychologist, he gives you second twist in the middle to mislead you and than all of sudden ended up convincing you that your first guess was absolutely right!!! From mass to class everyone feel cheated, we don’t land up to theatre to watch such an irritating crap product!!!

I don’t want to blame Farhan or Deepika since bad script can’t save even Big B. Not often but sometime critics are absolutely right and this is one such a film. Don’t want to waste more words showing my frustration.


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