Sunday, February 14, 2010


Ben Singer is 30 something ordinary proof reader. He is loser both in personal and professional life and quite happy with it. He doesn’t believe in positive thinking or making friends around. For him it’s something far fetched dream like witnessing fish falling from the sky as told by his diabetic Senegal native room partner. The world has already given him checkmate and he almost wears cynic smile about the world.

Though the film has nothing special to offer and almost seems like an ordinary slow paced sentimental drama with a flat narration of often repeated plot; it has some pure funny and simply touchy moments and off course fine nuanced and mature act by Matthew Broderick and natural acts by all other cast are the reasons enough to watch this feel good drama once. It’s not often we witness a subtle climax where an American hero witnessing live fish falling with rain in Senegal bringing transformation and singing sweet kiddy song with a guitar!

If you like sentimental stuff without being much crabby it’s a film for you.


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