Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GOMORRAH (Italian) (2008)

Power, Money & Blood: these are the ‘values’ that the residents of the province of Naples and Caserta confront everyday. They have practically no choice and forced to obey the rules of system. Before watching this Cannes Grand Prix winning film of 2008, based on sensational facts, I didn’t know anything about Europe’s killing machine crime syndicate called ‘Camorra’. It is shocking to know that Camorra alone has murdered 10,000 people in last thirty years; perhaps more than any other criminal organization or a terrorist group. It is also the most powerful ‘Organized crime Enterprise’ in Italy with a stronghold of European economy with business estimated at 150 billion euros per year.

Director Matteo Garrone has interwoven few stories together amid violent scenario and built a drama based on the tension of chaotic reality. The film is technically flawless & has stunning cinematography. Unlike romanticizing the gangster genre, the film documented the stark violence and shows us the dark face of the organized crime corrupting the core of society on every level. From drugs peddling to contract killing and from latest designer apparels to waste disposal everything is fair business for them. But they are so intelligent that they churn out more money from one task as they analyze it professionally and set the permanent income out of it.

Amid all chaos, the hopeless thing here is the way next generation is luring into this viscous cycle of organized crime unknown about being scapegoats. Going crazy with guns in hands street kids are wannabe Tony Montana of ‘Scarface’ and they are enjoying the thrill of it. Give these kids euros, a gun and bike and they are ready to settle any score. A boy named Toto drawn into the organization has to unite with other members to help them killing his own mom. The rule is simple here, in all complicated condition either you are ‘with us’ or ‘get ready to screw yourself’. Poor boy has no option; he has to lose it from both ways. Here everything is breaking down into pieces whether its relationship, trust or conscience. Anybody can kill anybody. The end was really disturbing one makes it a film not to forget so easily.

A highly recommended gangster film since ‘City of God’.


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