Sunday, October 3, 2010


Denzel Washington is Eli, a solitary man surviving in godless uncivilized apocalyptic world. He’s a warrior guided by power and protecting the only copy of King James Version of Holy Bible taking it to its final destination. The portrayal of Eli seems like inspirational version of Forrest Whitaker in Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Ghost Dog: The Way of Samurai’, where he’s without distracting concerned about his single mission.

The film has fine presence of Denzel Washington who never disappoints me in any of his films so far. He’s accompanied by company of Gary Oldman as bad ass and pretty Mila Kunis. Though the film has dark and lifeless seedy setting, it captures absolutely stunning and aesthetic visuals and graphics with cinematography, surely a treat for your eyes. Action of the film is at time sudden and fast like Tarantino flicks but what is terribly lacking is the conflict part with its snail walking pace and the mediocre ending. May be director Hughes Bros kept their fingers crossed for its sequel!


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