Tuesday, October 19, 2010

JONAH HEX (2010)

Not every comics hero turns out triumphant on screen. Jonah Hex is DC Comics new screen adaptation starring Josh Brolin as half disfigured scar face (freaky make up) western drifter and bounty hunter super hero. He is being hired as the last hope by US military to nab Quentin Turnbull, his old due revenge and now wanted terrorist. Watching its trailer, I was expecting a cool western stuff with company of Brolin and John Malcovich as Turnbull but its all thumbs down crap. Even Megan Fox is utter waste even in her oomph factor. The plot is zilch, action and gunfight is replaced with heavy CGI, score is just cacophony and summing up as B grader trash stuff. Better watch any B grade South Indian flick; it will give you at least some sort of entertainment.


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